Thursday, 7 July 2016

DP Trading System Video Tutorial

I started trading Nifty future with DP trading system around 4 years back.  Initially it was very tough for me to trade.  I was trying to trade with the BOF and BPB patterns but was not successful as most of the trades were in the loss. Then I realized the importance of reading the prices and their action. It required lot of efforts and time.  I had to do lot of trial and error method and lot of practice. Slowly and gradually I started getting a grip on it. The price moves started making a sense to me and I was able to relate those moves and the reasons behind those moves.  Once the whole process of reading the prices clicked, it made a lot of difference in my trading.  The results improved a lot and I could pursue my dream of day trading for the living and started trading different instruments like Bank Nifty, stocks, Index options, and MCX commodities.

As you all know I have been trying to educate the aspiring traders through my blog on DP system of day trading, the ultimate system to day trade efficiently.  I also do Mentoring Program helping traders to become a successful day trader. Further to my endeavor in educating the traders, I have made a complete video tutorial putting all my knowledge and experience into it such a way that it becomes extremely easy for the traders to learn and implement the concepts most efficiently.  I have always believed videos prove to be the most powerful in imparting the knowledge. As you know, in past I also tried to do few videos on trading concepts and my trades and uploaded them into my blog charttechnicals and you all appreciated that.

With these videos, traders can learn the tricks of trade at their pace, convenience  and comfort.  The total duration of these videos is in excess of 900 minutes. 

I have listed the videos and their contents in brief.

1.  Basics of technical analysis, daytrading as a business.
2.  Understanding structure of the market, trend, DPs and ranges.
3.  Simple Understanding of Trend (word doc)
4.  More on how to mark the ranges realtime and use them in trading.
5.  How to use daily timeframe for trading and other useful trading concepts.
6.  All about identifying different patterns to trade and how to trade using those patterns.
7.  How to read acceptance and rejection of prices.
8.  How to trade using BPB pattern.
9.  More on BPB pattern.
10. How to trade using BOF pattern.
11. How to take direct breakout trades confidently.
12. Trade management part I.
13. Trade management part II.
14. Trade management part III.
15. When to scratch the trade
16. Understanding volatility and how to use it for trading.
17. A complete trade example.

Plus Videos focusing on developing an Art of Price Reading,

1. How to read the news/event, what to expect from the news and their likely impact on prices.
2. When to expect a Type 1 Trending day.
3. How to efficiently read the Big Picture and its use in day trading.
4. When to expect a reversal and how to trade the potential reversal.
5. How to read strength and weakness in price action.
6. How to read strength and weakness of a price move.
7. How to know whether the markets are trending or ranging and its importance.
8. How to trade on MCX using the price action and DPs.
9. Pressure Play Setup.
10. How to take positional trades using DP trading tactics.
11. How to day trade Index Options.
12. Volume and its usefulness in day trading.
13. Lots of other stuff to take better trade decisions plus trade examples.

I am confident that with this video tutorial you will save lot of time (at least few years worth of time) and lot of emotional and financial capital. 

Go ahead and Subscribe to this great source of Education on day trading by paying just only once in your lifetime.  It is available in its current form till January 15, 2017 only.  All the required support in terms of answering queries or doubts will be provided once you finish going through this tutorial.

Importance of Price Reading Skills in Day Trading